Analitycy Bitcoina ostrzegają przed pułapką byków

Updated: 2 years Bitcoin (BTC) w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin zdołał ładnie wzrosnąć, a sentyment rynkowy natychmiast się zmienia. Obawy ustępują, rynek odzyskuje nadzieję i mówi się nawet o rozpoczęciu nowego rynku byka. Istnieje jednak duża szansa, że ludzie wiwatują zdecydowanie za wcześnie. Czy możliwa jest pułapka na byki? Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is … Read more

Bitcoin analysts warn of bull trap

Updated: 2 years Bitcoin (BTC) has been able to rise nicely in the last 24 hours and market sentiment is immediately changing. Fears abate, the market regains hope and there is even talk of the start of a new bull market. However, there is a good chance that people are cheering far too early. Is … Read more

Second largest whale buys $100 million BTC

Updated: 2 years The largest whale, an investor with a lot of bitcoin (BTC) in his wallet and is not an exchange, has recently taken advantage of bitcoin’s cheap price. This wallet is in third place of the largest wallets at the moment and comes after two wallets belonging to exchanges. Over the past month … Read more

JPMorgan: The bottom may be in sight

Updated: 2 years Nearly $2 trillion in value has evaporated from the crypto market in the past few months and it almost seems as if the prices of most cryptocurrencies can only fall further. However, according to the world’s largest investment bank, JPMorgan, we may soon finally see a bottom. Is the crypto crash finally … Read more

Three Arrows Capital must sell its bitcoins by court

Updated: 2 years Crypto-hedge fund Three Arrows Capital has been facing financial problems for several weeks. It invested in Terra (LUNA), and when this token collapsed it did not have enough money left. But it had not yet sold all its holdings. Now the court has ruled that it must. 3AC must sell bitcoin So … Read more