Decentralize Ethereum Node Ops with UNODE from Unification

Updated: 1 year

• Shibarium, a layer-2 solution from Shiba Inu, could become more decentralized than Ethereum.
• Unification Foundation is working on the tool UNODE to make it happen, using its native token FUND as gas.
• This will address the issue of centralization in Ethereum node operations.

Shibarium: The Layer-2 Scaling Solution for Shiba Inu

Shibarium is a layer-2 scaling solution built on top of the Ethereum blockchain which provides scalability and faster transaction processing times compared to the underlying layer-1 technology. It is developed by Unification, a development firm that is considered to be the main developer of Shibarium.

Unification Working On Decentralized Tool UNODE

Ringoshi Toitsu, a well-known validator of the Unification (FUND) network shared news on Twitter claiming that Unification is addressing the critical issue of centralization in Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) node operations. To do this they are creating an upcoming tool called UNODE which will enable developers and dapps to access more secure and decentralized infrastructure in the Shibarium ecosystem using FUND as gas.

Issue Of Centralization In Ethereum Nodes

In fall 2022 a Messari study found that over 70% of leading Ethereum applications run on just four centralized node providers – Alchemy, Infura, Moralis, and Quicknode – creating vulnerabilities in decentralized application technology stacks. These nodes require card payments through dapps which allows for tracking and potential censorship or manipulation of transactions or data at any time.

UNODE: A Solution For Decentralized Applications

Unified’s UNODE will be able to tackle this Achilles’ heel by democratizing, decentralizing and incentivizing EVM node operations so users can trust their applications are running securely and safely with no risk of censorship or manipulation.


The introduction of UNODE into Shibarium ecosystem offers many benefits such as increased security and decentralization while providing developers with access to more reliable infrastructure solutions through FUND tokens being used as gas within their applications. This could potentially change how we interact with blockchain networks in the future and open up new possibilities for blockchain usage beyond financial services alone.

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